We have been asked many times, what is a restoration company and what does it do?

Generally speaking, Restoration Companies are the “first responders” to any emergency or event that could happen in your property, caused by fire, water, wind or mold, to clean, dry-out, deodorize or remove the damaged materials of the property. If the homeowner is insured, these services are usually covered by the policy and ultimately paid by the Insurance Company, this is a very important piece of information for property managers and owners dealing with these unexpected events.

After being in the insurance industry for over 20 years, we saw the need for a Restoration Company with ‘’Integrity’’ in a non-regulated industry. For many years we watched restoration companies either over billing the insurance companies or placing liens on homes to compel or force payment of those inflated bills.

For this reason, we started High Caliber Restoration, Inc., a family owned company founded with the philosophy of doing business professionally fair and honest with and for our main stakeholders: Home/Business owners, Property Managers and Insurance Companies, assuring quality and immediate response to any need.